May Prayer Focus 2019

I want to help

‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

Matthew 5:9-10


Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th: This week we pray for our new Syrian partners working at House of Hope in Damascus as they explore the best ways to support the community, and for Syrian refugee children at the Shack School in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon as they sit a new type of exam.  

On Wednesday pray for the House of Hope team as they continue to develop their work with internally displaced families. Pray for wisdom in determining which families to support, and the most appropriate and effective ways to help them.

On Thursday, the team in Damascus are concerned about the number of children living on the streets with very little protection and support. Pray for vision and direction as they look for ways to help these children.

On Friday pray that the House of Hope team will not be overwhelmed by the enormous needs of families in the community. Pray for families as they try to rebuild their lives after years of conflict and ongoing instability and uncertainty.

On Saturday pray for peace for children at the shack school in Lebanon who sit exams this month. Pray for wisdom for staff as they assess children’s progress.

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th: This week we pray for our work in Bangladesh at Home of Love and informal village pre-schools, and for our partners Love Your Neighbour.

On Sunday give thanks for the local team who provide refuge and care for boys at Home of Love and pray for good health and blessing for the team and their families.

On Monday pray for the abandoned boys living at Home of Love. Pray that families’ situations change so that as many children as possible can return to live at home permanently.

On Tuesday pray for orphaned children living at the Home. Pray the local team’s efforts to reunite the children with extended family are successful and boys quickly settle to life in a new community.

On Wednesday pray for a reduction in the damaging effects of weather extremes. Pray children will remain healthy this year. Pray that newly renovated buildings will be protected from storm damage.

On Thursday pray that self-sufficiency initiatives flourish, and harvests are abundant. Pray agricultural programmes successfully support Home of Love and empower local families to develop sustainable incomes.

On Friday pray for staff and children at the pre-schools, which aim to prepare and equip children to be educated at government schools. Pray that educating their children enables impoverished families to have hope for better futures.

On Saturday pray for better infrastructure and improved access to clean water, sanitation, healthcare and affordable basic necessities in this extremely poor and disadvantaged area.

Sunday 12th – Saturday 18th: This week we remember the International Day of Families on May 15th and pray for our work in the context of families.

On Sunday pray for orphaned and abandoned children and give thanks for our partners providing support in residential care settings in Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Morocco.

On Monday pray for promotion of human rights within families. Give thanks and pray for our work with two Disability Support Groups in North Eastern Uganda which aim to empower families living with adults or children with disability.

On Tuesday pray for cultures of peace and non-violence within families. Give thanks that through Heavena refuge in Sri Lanka, previously abused women are equipped to re-establish their families in safe environments in the community.

On Wednesday, the United Nations (UN) International Day of Families, pray that national and local governments will respond to UN calls to develop family-friendly policies and create environments in which children can thrive and reach their potential.

On Thursday pray for our research projects in Syria and Southern Uganda exploring programmes to provide education to vulnerable children living in families in extreme poverty.

On Friday pray for families whose only source of income is day-labour – including agricultural and construction workers, fishermen and refuse collectors. Pray for global initiatives to both support working parents and end child-labour.

On Saturday give thanks for local partners in all our projects, seeking to support whole families and enable safe, loving environments for vulnerable children. Give thanks and pray for your own family.

Sunday 19th – Saturday 26th: This week we pray for our partners Community Concern, and our work in Sri Lanka at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC) in Dehiwela beach slum, and Heavena refuge. We pray for interviews taking place for our Head of Operations role.

On Sunday give thanks for the Community Concern team. Pray for strength, safety and good health, and for continued wisdom, inspiration and encouragement as they go about their work.

On Monday give thanks for the group counselling sessions at MSCC. Pray for the 39 children receiving individual counselling and psychological support. Pray these children gain a sense of self-worth and hope for the future.

On Tuesday pray for the local team’s work with parents and caregivers. Pray attendance improves for the ‘Good Parenting’ programme and that children are not neglected and are encouraged to attend school by their families.

On Wednesday pray for the interview panel as they prepare for interviews tomorrow for the Head of Operations role. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we seek to fill this important position.

On Thursday pray for the health and safety of the field worker who visits families at home. Pray for wisdom and encouragement as she encounters situations such as drug and alcohol abuse, physical and sexual abuse, child marriage and child labour.

On Friday pray for Heavena, and for women and children supported after being abused, homeless or trafficked. Pray for peace and restoration for children receiving psychological support and pray they learn to live without fear and understand their own value.

On Saturday give thanks and pray for local government agencies and social services who work with Heavena staff to support families once they have relocated into the community. Pray for better understanding of women’s rights in local communities.

Sunday 26th – Friday 31st: This week we pray for our work at Houtberg Childcare Centre in Chipinge, Zimbabwe and remember the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers on 29th.

On Sunday pray for communities affected by Cyclone Idai, Give thanks for the generous response to our appeal for Houtberg. Pray for improved sanitation, access to clean water and new agricultural infrastructures – all devastated by the cyclone.

On Monday give thanks and pray for all the orphaned or abandoned children who have become part of the Houtberg family, and who with love and care have been given hope for their futures.

On Tuesday give thanks for our partners Pastor Mishack and his wife Lydia and the team at Houtberg. Pray for strength, encouragement and blessing in their work.

On Wednesday, the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers, pray for those who seek to maintain peace in areas of conflict. Remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect vulnerable communities.

On Thursday pray for peace in Zimbabwe which continues to face violent unrest and economic instability. Pray for the government to introduce measures to address severe poverty and inequality.

On Friday pray for healing and peace for people who suffer from the lasting effects of conflict, loss and fear. Pray for our work in Lebanon with Syrian refugees, our new research project in Syria, and our Karenni project in Myanmar.

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