I want to help

We are looking for ‘pledgers’ for our Big Give Christmas Campaign! Can you help us?

A pledger is a donor who is able to give a larger sum in a strategic and effective way. It’s a great way of making your money go further, as pledge gifts effectively quadruple in value throughout the campaign, as this graphic makes clear:

What’s this all about?

Christmas might seem a long way off, but we are already making plans to join the Big Give Christmas Challenge. The Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest match-funding campaign, and has proved to be an immensely successful platform for us to raise funds for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Last year we were helping reduce child labour in rural Ethiopia, by launching a new project working with mums, to improve financial stability for marginalised families. Previously we’ve improved access to education for children in war-torn  Syria, and children with disabilities in Uganda. This year we want to raise funds to launch a  new three-year project working with women and children in Sri Lanka, who have been trafficked or experienced domestic violence. Thousands of Sri Lankan women leave the country every year to work as housemaids in the Middle East, an unregulated industry where women are often subject to terrible abuse. The children they leave behind in Sri Lanka can also find themselves in unsafe situations, without their mum there to protect them. We want to break this bitter cycle, keeping children and women safe by improving financial stability for marginalised families, and support women and children who have already experienced abuse. You can read the full details of the new project on the Big Give website.

We want to raise £60,000 through the Big Give Christmas Challenge to launch this new project. Our first step is to raise £15,000 in pledges from individuals or churches. A pledge is a promise to pay a given sum at a later date. We are looking for people able and willing to pledge a minimum of £250 before the end of August 2021. The money will not need to be paid to Global Care until the Big Give Christmas Challenge is over (30 November -7 December).

Once we have sufficient pledge funding, we use this to attract Champion funding from philanthropists working through the Big Give, and these two types of gifts then comprise the match funding pot offered to donors during the Christmas Challenge. Champion funds are only awarded up to the total of a charity’s pledges, so confirming pledges is a really important first step.

If you would like to help us in this way, and become a pledger on behalf of the vulnerable women and children of Sri Lanka, please click on this link which will take you to the Big Give website, where you can make your pledge.

If you have any questions, please contact Clare Oliver or Jordan Smith on 030 030 21  030 or via donor.relations@globalcare.org. Thank you!