Prayer Focus June 2019

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‘Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.’ Psalm 41v1

Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th: This week is National Volunteers week and we pray for our volunteers and the team exhibiting at ‘Motofest’ in Coventry on 1st-2nd June.

On Saturday pray for staff and volunteers supporting Global Care’s exhibition at Coventry Motofest this weekend. Pray they will be blessed and encouraged as they promote the work of Global Care.

On Sunday pray for a great response to the publicity at Motofest. Pray festival attenders will catch the vision of Global Care and pray for an increase in partners and supporters.

On Monday give thanks and pray for blessing for Global Care volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise to support our work to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

On Tuesday pray for the team of staff and volunteers at the Coventry office supporting current projects, partners and supporters and seeking God’s wisdom for developing programmes and projects. Pray for inspiration, vision and enthusiasm.

On Wednesday give thanks for our three charity shops and pray for the teams of managers and volunteers whose hard work and dedication provides a significant income stream to support vulnerable children through the work of Global Care.

On Thursday give thanks for Global Care Trustees who freely give their time and expertise to oversee our work. Pray for wisdom and for ease of transition as new trustees join the board and roles and responsibilities change.

On Friday pray for our regional volunteer groups, Fundraising Friends in Coventry and Warwickshire, and Global Care North East. Give thanks for their fundraising efforts, and their contribution to publicising the work of Global Care.

On Saturday give thanks for the contribution of interns to the work at head office. Pray these able young people will be inspired by our aim to seek long-term solutions for extremely vulnerable children leading to independence and self-sufficiency. Pray for Genevieve starting an internship placement on 24 June.

Sunday 9th – Saturday 15th: This week we pray for our work at the Global Care Centres in Patripul in India and remember the World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June. We pray for partners embarking on a fundraising challenge for street children in Central America.

On Sunday pray for our partner Simon and the staff and volunteer teams in Mumbai. Pray for safety and good health, and for wisdom and blessing in their work to support Dalit children (‘untouchables’).

On Monday pray for Dalit children and families who suffer unbelievable discrimination and hardship, pray for an end to forced labour and abuse. Pray for enforcement of laws prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of caste.

On Tuesday pray for children attending Global Care Centres. Pray children will learn to accept our partners’ love and kindness, receive God’s healing, and find self-worth and hope. Pray local schools support provision of quality education for Dalit children.

On Wednesday pray for this year’s World Day Against Child Labour campaign, ‘to improve young workers’ safety and health and eliminate child labour’. Pray children in all our projects can fully realise their right to education, leisure, and healthy development.

On Thursday pray for families who believe their survival depends on their children contributing to family earnings. Pray that through education, vocational training, feeding and welfare care, Global Care projects prevent children being forced to work for their living.

On Friday pray for our partner Duncan Dyason and the Street Kids Direct (SKD) team who today start a 15-day walk from Land´s End to John O´Groats and back again, raising funds for their work with street children in Central America.

On Saturday pray for staff at our Coventry office who are riding a static bike the equivalent distance of Land’s End to John Groats to raise funds for our new protection home run by SKD Guatemala*.

Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd: This week we remember Father’s Day and pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries at Calcutta Emmanuel School and the Pavement Club in Kolkata, India.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, give thanks for fathers who bring love and cohesion to families. Remembering that God is ‘a father to the fatherless,’ pray also for single-parent households, orphans and child-headed households. Pray for men, including some of our partners, who act as mentors to vulnerable young people without fathers, or with poor male role models.

On Monday give thanks for Emmanuel Ministries and the teams working in partnership with Global Care to provide formal and informal education to vulnerable children in the slums of Kolkata.

On Tuesday pray for the health and well-being of all the children living in slums or on the streets of Kolkata. Pray for solutions to the inadequate infrastructure, overcrowded housing and lack of sanitation experienced by many families.

On Wednesday give thanks for the team at Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES), who provide free education for the poorest children of Kolkata. Pray for blessing, safety and good health for the team and their families.

On Thursday pray for sponsored children at CES. Pray that the school’s vision is realised, and underprivileged and marginalised children are transformed and equipped to bring about change and development in their own communities.

On Friday pray for children attending the Pavement Club who can play, learn, and eat healthy snacks in a safe, caring environment. Give thanks for the staff and volunteer team, who help children and their families have hope for the future.

On Saturday give thanks for the wide-reaching impact of the work of Emmanuel Ministries, pray for community awareness programmes helping desperately poor and overlooked families find solutions to their challenging circumstances.

Sunday 23rd – Saturday 30th: This week we pray for our Zambian partners, New Life Action Foundation Trust and their work in rural Zambia, and pray for the UK team travelling to visit the project. We pray for our fundraising Dragon Boat Race on Saturday.

On Sunday give thanks for the New Life Action Foundation Trust team who provide education and welfare support with the aim of equipping the local community to independently ‘educate, clothe and feed its children.’

On Monday pray for families who struggle to survive in this harsh rural area and often go without meals. Give thanks for the sponsorship programme which supports provision of food and enables children to go to school.

On Tuesday pray for widows who benefit from a microfinance project enabling them to start small businesses and become self-sufficient. Give thanks that the initiative enables children in the women’s families receive healthy meals and attend school.

On Wednesday pray for the health for the village children who are highly susceptible to minor illnesses and infections. Pray for a prolonged period of good health and for children to thrive despite their circumstances.

On Thursday give thanks for funding to support improved buildings at the main local school. Pray that attendance of both staff and children improves now they have a solid classroom structure and safe toilets (latrines).

On Friday pray for the team of Global Care staff, trustee Sue and volunteers from a Letchworth church, visiting our programmes in Zambia next month. Pray for peace and blessing in all their preparations.

On Saturday pray for straightforward transport and connections as the team begin their journey to Zambia. Pray for generous donations and a fun-filled day at our Dragon Boat Race today, raising funds for Sri Lankan fieldworkers at Morning Star Care Centre.

On Sunday the team arrive in Lusaka. Pray for safety and good health throughout their trip. Pray for excellent relationships within the UK team and together with the Zambian team.


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