I want to help

So you want to write to your sponsored child? That’s great! Sponsoring a child can be very rewarding for both the sponsor and the child, and part of that is the correspondence you can build up between you.

The children just love receiving cards and letters. Even better if you can include a photo of you and your family, which your sponsored child can treasure and show to their own family or carers!

  1. How to start

It can be tricky to know what to write, so we’ve put a few handy guidelines together to help you!

  • Keep your letters simple, think about the age of your sponsored child, and try to keep your handwriting as clear as possible
  • Introduce yourself; eg. I am a teacher, a dentist, I no longer work etc.
  • Tell them something about your life, family and hobbies, where you live (but don’t reveal any more than the town)
  • Try to keep to subjects the child will understand – school, games, hobbies, pets, family
  • Keep your letters positive and ask questions – What’s your favourite subject? What games or hobbies do you enjoy?
  • Your standard of living will be very different to theirs, so try to avoid any topics which will highlight the comparatively rich lifestyle in the West.
  1. Where to send the letter?

Please send all your letters and correspondence to the Global Care Office – 2 Dugdale Road, Coventry CV6 1PB.

Somewhere on the envelope put your sponsored child’s name and reference number, and your name and reference number. If you don’t know either of these numbers you can call us to find out on 030 030 21 030 or email info@globalcare.org

  1. The important bit

For your protection and for the protection of the children and our project staff, we firmly believe it is best not to include your home address or email address in any correspondence you send.

Please do not send any communication directly to a child’s address.

Global Care believes in treating all the children at our projects equally, so for this reason, please do not send gifts to your sponsored child. If you want to send something to mark their birthday or Christmas, please call the office and we can explain how we can do this in a fair and transparent way.

Letters from your sponsored child

The children at all of our projects are encouraged to write and draw…..however they may have help from the project staff as they may struggle to write a response on their own.

Letters tend to come in twice a year and pass through our Donor Relations team, before being passed on to you, our sponsors.

It can take some time for letters to reach you – please be patient. Sometimes letters and pictures are gathered across a big geographic area, before being sent to the UK in one batch, and then processed in the UK.

We hope you enjoy receiving updates on your sponsored child, and enjoy watching them flourish and grow over the years. Remember, your sponsored child not only benefits from the provision of basic education and healthcare, but also from knowing that somebody loves and cares for them enough to help meet their needs.

Thank you for being one of our valuable child sponsors!

Ella-Sophia Peaple

Donor Development Officer