Prayer Focus July 2019

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“The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.”    Psalm 103:6

Monday 1st – Saturday 6th: This week we continue to pray for the UK team visiting our work in Zambia and pray for our project in Kabompo and partners New Life Action Foundation Trust.

On Monday pray for safe travel as the team from Letchworth, led by CEO John White, start the long road journey from Lusaka to Kabompo. Pray the team rest well tonight during their ‘half-way’ hotel stop.

On Tuesday the team continue their journey, as they arrive in Kabompo, pray for good health throughout their trip. Pray for excellent relationships within the UK team and together with the Zambian team.

On Wednesday give thanks for Steven and the local team in Kabompo and their commitment to the community they serve. Pray for good discussions and clear understanding during child protection training today.

On Thursday as the team visit individual projects, pray for the interpreters, and for effortlessness, rewarding communication between the visitors and project beneficiaries.

On Friday give thanks for the borehole, which reduced the workload of women and children, improved health, and increased school attendance. Pray for discussions this week about potential initiatives to further improve the health of the local community.

On Saturday pray for children’s education in Kabompo. Pray parents understand the value of regular school. Give thanks for permanent classrooms at M8 Primary School and pray the building improvements encourage school attendance and consequently improve performance and literacy.

Sunday 7th – Saturday 13th: This week we continue to pray for the visiting UK team and the work in Zambia.

On Sunday pray God’s blessing on the local team and visitors as they attend church and rest today. Pray the UK team are inspired and encouraged, and pray they are energised for their last few days in Kabompo.

On Monday give thanks for community projects, particularly the women’s microfinance initiative. Pray that women continue to establish income generating businesses and are enabled to feed their children and send them to school.

On Tuesday as the UK team start their journey home, travelling to Livingstone, continue to pray for safe travel and good health. Pray the Zambian team are encouraged and envisioned for their ongoing work.

On Wednesday give thanks for sponsorship which enables children in Kabompo to attend school. Pray for the UK team as they share stories with each other and think about communicating their experiences with family and friends at home.

On Thursday the team begin two days of relaxation and tourist trips before their journey home, pray they rest and relax, pray for clarity of thoughts as each individual reflects on our work in Zambia and the people they met.

On Friday pray for John as he prepares for his return to the UK office. Pray for wisdom as he reviews the work and considers requests from the local team for further development.

On Saturday pray for a good journey as the team leave Zambia. Pray for their families, and the families of members of the Coventry-based team who make several trips overseas each year.

Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th: This week we remember World Youth Skills Day on Monday 15th July and pray for Global Care Vocational Training initiatives. We pray for our project in Sudan.

On Sunday as the team arrive back in the UK give thanks for all our Zambia supporters. Give thanks and pray for the UK-based team who apply for funding grants for all our projects, pray for blessing on their work.

On Monday, World Youth Skills Day, pray for this year’s campaign raising awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development. Pray more young people worldwide can discover and develop natural talents and learnt skills.

On Tuesday pray that young people on our Vocational Training programmes appreciate the opportunity and gain life-changing skills enabling employment. Pray for greater equality in the labour market.

On Wednesday pray for young people who completed our Vocational Training programmes in Sri Lanka. Pray that they find employment and can help to relieve family poverty.

On Thursday give thanks for Vocational Training partnerships at our Uganda centres. Pray for tutors and students, and that young people are enabled to find jobs, support their families and gain some independence and security.

On Friday pray for student teachers on the Diploma in Primary Teaching in Wau, South Sudan. Pray that students gain knowledge and skills enabling them to provide primary school children with increased access to quality education.

On Saturday pray for young people on the course who joined the militia to generate income to support their families, give thanks that they are given study leave, pray that skills gained on this course equip them for alternative employment.

Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th: This week we pray for our local partners and projects in Yangon and Karenni State in Myanmar, and in Albania.

On Sunday give thanks for the local team at Grace Children’s Home in Yangon. Pray for blessing in their work at the refuge providing food, clothing, welfare care and education for extremely vulnerable children.

On Monday give thanks for increased access to safe water and better nutrition at the home and pray for continued improvements in children’s health. Pray for emotional healing for children arriving at the home traumatised by their past experiences.

On Tuesday give thanks and pray for our partner DS and his wife working in Karenni State providing welfare support for vulnerable village children enabling them to access education. Pray for their safety and good health.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for the team at New Day Centre in Bathore, Albania and for their continued enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the most vulnerable families in a challenging slum environment.

On Thursday pray for children with disabilities, including children with autism. Pray for improvements in physical health and life skills and in behavioural and mental health difficulties, through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and support.

On Friday pray that women who suffer much discrimination in this community find support and motivation through the women’s group, which enables women to discuss issues and receive basic training in a variety of relevant topics.

On Saturday pray for Play and Learn clubs, pray children learn to smile and play through fun activities in a loving environment. Pray that in the safe and caring Youth Group, young people are equipped and prepared for adulthood.

Sunday 28th – Wednesday 31st: This week we remember the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Tuesday 30th and pray for families in our projects who are at risk of trafficking.

On Sunday pray for children living on the streets or at risk of living on the streets, making them particularly vulnerable to traffickers. Give thanks and pray for our partners in Guatemala City, mentoring and supporting street children.

On Monday pray for internally displaced families in Syria, at risk of human trafficking. Pray for our partners House of Hope supporting displaced children and families living in extreme poverty in a suburb of Damascus.

On Tuesday World Day against Trafficking in Persons, pray for an end to the global trafficking of men, women and children. Pray for Governments working in collaboration to bring an end to exploitation.

On Wednesday pray for righteousness and justice for the thousands of men, women and children who have fallen into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Pray for freedom for thousands of people this year.


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