I want to help

What a humbling and educational experience!

Before the trip, I had a few thoughts about what I might have seen and how I might have felt. I went on a mission trip in 2018 and imagined the people in Kabompo, in north-west Zambia, to be similar to the people I’d met there; frustrated, upset and angry at times at their situations. But they were so content!

Each child had a smile on their face permanently, despite us knowing that so many of them were orphans or struggling to eat every day. And it wasn’t only the children either – we met a lovely happy young woman whose home consisted of dry grass walls and a woven roof. She was widowed and had at least two young children living with her in this hut which was probably under two metres in diameter and not at all insulating (bearing in mind at night the temperatures dipped to freezing), yet everyday she showed up to sing with the choir, giving her praise to God. That really struck me. How this young single mother could be so joyful in her worship despite the circumstances, yet in the UK we often wish we had more and definitely take what we’ve been blessed with for granted.

During the trip I also got to spend a lot of time playing games with the children. What amazed me was how creative they are, having hours of fun by making up games with what scarce equipment they had. Old shoes, a broken box, a tennis ball. Their co-operation, kindness towards me and infectious laughter was just so heart-warming, and getting to spend time with my sponsored child was a huge privilege.

The awe and admiration we, as a team, had for these people will undoubtedly stick with me for the rest of my life. Especially as a young person heading off to university, still largely relying on my parents, I know that this experience will help make me more appreciative. To my parents and to God. And it has fired a passion in us all to help their community. I look forward to being to help them further by fundraising and hopefully, one day, maybe another visit!

Maisy Brothers, Zambia sponsor & volunteer team member July 2019