Prayer Focus October 2019

I want to help

… He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry.

The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind,

the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous.

The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.  Psalm 146: 7-9


Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th: This week we pray for our new Head of Operations and remember World Teachers’ Day on 5th. We pray for our informal Shack School for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and our partners Out of the Wilderness, Lebanon.

On Tuesday pray for Steve, Head of Operations who starts work in our Coventry office today. Pray for a smooth orientation and understanding of our projects. Pray the Operations team quickly adapts to new ways of working.

On Wednesday give thanks for the local team working with Syrian Refugee families through the Shack School. Pray for the teachers who provide education to children who have often missed several years of school and have varied abilities.

On Thursday pray for healing from emotional and physical trauma for children who fled Syria in fear of their lives or who were separated from their families. Pray families are reunited as Syria begins to be rebuilt.

On Friday pray for children from our schools who have returned to Syria. Pray for their safety and pray their families find suitable living accommodation swiftly. Pray the children are able to go to school.

On Saturday, World Teachers’ Day, pray for teachers across the globe and pray that governments recognise education as a key fundamental right, promote inclusive education and provide appropriate training for teachers.

Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th: This week we pray for our work with street children in Guatemala City and our partners SKD Guatemala. We pray for our Trustees.

On Sunday give thanks for the local team working in Guatemala City to rescue children living on the streets and preventing children taking to the streets. Pray for blessing and for physical safety for staff and volunteers.

On Monday pray for parents living in poverty who send their children to work on City streets to support family income. Pray families understand the value of education and their children will be free to go to school and access homework support.

On Tuesday pray for protection and healing from emotional trauma and abuse for children in the project. Pray for their physical safety and health in this violent and dangerous environment.

On Wednesday give thanks for the volunteer mentoring team supporting individual children to learn to make wise choices. Pray for encouragement as relationships are built and pray children learn ways to bring hope to their futures.

On Thursday give thanks for our new Protection Home and pray for our ‘Back a Bed’ initiative enabling us to keep beds ready and available for children and families at immediate risk of harm from a dangerous or abusive situation.

On Friday give thanks for our Trustees and pray for wisdom and blessing for their meeting today. Pray for safeguarding training taking place today for all our staff and Trustees.

On Saturday give thanks for the teams who work on ensuring our policies and procedures are up-to-date and meet legal requirements. Pray for understanding and inspiration as we seek to develop as an organisation.

Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th: This week we remember the International Day of Rural Women on 15th October and pray for rural families in our projects.

On Sunday pray for rural families suffering from food shortages. Pray for a return to sustainable agricultural initiatives at Houtberg Children’s Centre, Zimbabwe following the devastation of last year’s cyclone. Pray for good conditions for sowing seeds and for fruitful harvests.

On Monday pray for increased availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Give thanks for Global Care initiatives providing and promoting access to clean water in Zambia, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

On Tuesday pray for rural women working to improve agricultural systems and food security. Pray for an end to restricted access to fundamental human rights for rural women, including housing, health, and education.

On Wednesday pray gender equality initiatives will empower women and girls. Pray for our partners in Ethiopia working to uphold the rights of women in their community.

On Thursday pray for inclusive and equitable quality education and access to lifelong learning for girls. Pray for our vocational training partnerships in Uganda, which provide girls living in remote and rural areas with potential sources of employment.

On Friday pray for children from very poor rural families in Karenni State in Myanmar. Give thanks for Global Care partnerships enabling children to attend school while continuing to support families’ agricultural initiatives, which are essential to survival in this community.

On Saturday pray for teachers denied training or promotion in South Sudan because of their gender. Pray our teacher training project raises awareness of the rights and skills of women and enables women teachers to gain positions of authority in schools.

Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th: This week we give thanks for our pre-schools in the Hadiya region in Ethiopia which are now self-sustaining, we pray for our partners Addis Kidan Baptist Church and for potential new initiatives in Ethiopia.

On Sunday give thanks for the 13 years Global Care has been supporting provision of education in Ethiopia. Praise God for the thousands of children whose lives have been changed forever by gaining basic skills in literacy and numeracy.

On Monday give thanks and pray for the Addis Kidan Baptist Church team as they continue to provide spiritual and educational input to poor rural and semi-rural communities and work with us to develop a new initiative in Ethiopia.

On Tuesday give thanks that communities have learnt to value education and pray all children attending the pre-schools gain education, skills and confidence to equip them for government schools.

On Wednesday pray for the 75 children who passed grade school exams in June enabling them to start government primary schools this term. Pray communities see economic and social benefit as their children are educated.

On Thursday pray the government will increase its support in these impoverished communities and provide better access to basic necessities such as clean water, sanitation and healthcare.

On Friday pray for wisdom and discernment as we explore potential initiatives with our Ethiopian partners. Pray plans can be in place to start a new project in 2020.

On Saturday give thanks that this project has become self-sustaining and pray for all our partners as we work together to ensure we deliver effective long-term solutions, leading to independence and self-sufficiency.

Sunday 27th – Thursday 31st: This week we pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries in Kolkata, India and our projects at Calcutta Emmanuel School and the Pavement Club.

On Sunday give thanks for Emmanuel Ministries and the teams working in partnership with Global Care to provide formal and informal education to vulnerable children living in the slums or on the streets of Kolkata.

On Monday pray for the team at Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES), who provide free education for the poorest children of Kolkata. Pray for blessing, safety and good health for the team and their families.

On Tuesday pray for sponsored children at CES. Pray that the school’s vision is realised, and underprivileged and marginalised children are transformed and equipped to bring about change and development in their own communities.

On Wednesday pray for children attending the Pavement Club who can play, learn, and eat healthy snacks in a safe, caring environment. Give thanks for the staff and volunteer team, who help children and their families have hope for the future.

On Thursday give thanks for the wide-reaching impact of the work of Emmanuel Ministries, pray for community awareness programmes helping desperately poor and overlooked families find solutions to their challenging circumstances.


We are having a Day of Prayer on the 27th November. To sign up to receive resources please visit or call us on 030 030 21 030


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