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For too many children in Kibera, one meal per day is the norm. Until they come to Spurgeons Academy,  a primary school which feeds not only their brains, but their bodies as well.

For the ten years a child spends at Spurgeons, from the age of three, children receive two meals a day, five days a week, for ten months a year.

Children receive porridge for breakfast, and githeri – a local dish of beans and corn – for lunch. The impact of this regular healthy food is enormous – the health benefits are obvious, and there is also a clear link between food, attendance and academic achievement.

But what happens when resources to provide food for these vulnerable children are suddenly withdrawn?

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Hungry children cannot concentrate, their cognitive development is stunted, and their emotional resources depleted. School attendance dips, as children seek sources of immediate income in order to eat.

When the charity feeding these children withdrew from Spurgeons, the team knew that the cost was far greater than hunger.

It’s genuine food for thought.

This Lent we would like to raise £13,500 to feed all 400+ pupils at Spurgeons during 2020.

Your support will give our partners time to explore other ways of funding the feeding programme into the future, so this important part of Spurgeons’ welfare support does not have to end.

It costs just £30 to feed a child at Spurgeons for a year. Can you help?

Want to promote this appeal to your church or community group? Download the poster below.

Healthy bodies = healthy minds! Help feed the children of Spurgeon's Academy this year.

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