I want to help

A new welfare support worker joined the team at the Morning Star Care Centre, in Sri Lanka, in January, thanks to the efforts of our intrepid Dragon Boat Racers last summer.

Our Dragon Boat Race event raised almost £12,000 to enable MSCC to appoint someone to work with Champa, the long-standing Field Officer. She has the enormous task of working with families in the community, challenging behaviours around school attendance and child protection, notifying authorities, and identifying children who need further welfare support.

The new field officer is Shalaka, a 24 year-old qualified teacher, who also has some experience in counselling young people through church and Christian children’s organisations.

The MSCC team say having a second field officer means more children will be helped, and both workers will be safer when out in the slums.

They write: “The Field Officer is invaluable to MSCC. She is the strong link for the children who slip through the educational system, who are left in their homes and linger and loiter without going to school. She tirelessly visits the community, whether on the beach or in the interiors of the slums, never flinching at the dirt and the squalor that sometimes surrounds her.”

Champa says: “Now I will have more time to spend with the children, and more time to spend with their mothers, grandmothers and other guardians. The more we can do to support these parents and guardians, the more they can do to care for their children.”

Thank you Dragon Boat Racers for all your fundraising efforts!