Prayer Focus March 2020

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“This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” Matthew 6:9-10

Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th: This week we pray for our partners Addis Kidan Baptist Church in Ethiopia, for pre-schools in the Hadiya region and for potential new initiatives.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the Addis Kidan Baptist Church team providing spiritual input and affordable education to impoverished rural and semi-rural communities.

On Monday pray that communities continue to understand the value of education and release their children to attend school rather than expecting them to work to boost family income.

On Tuesday give thanks for all the children who have moved from pre-schools to formal education in government primary schools. Pray children’s hopes are realised and many gain professional qualifications and stable jobs.

On Wednesday pray for increased government support for rural communities and better access to basic necessities. Pray for a positive response to our applications for funding to provide water points at all the pre-schools.

On Thursday pray for wisdom as we explore a potential project to help groups of women generate income through small scale businesses. Greater financial stability will encourage families to allow their children to attend school regularly.

On Friday pray for pre-school teachers. Pray teachers understand the importance of education for these communities and are inspired to stay at the pre-schools despite the draw of higher salaries at government schools.

On Saturday give thanks that the pre-schools are now largely self-sustaining. Pray for all our overseas partners as we work together to meet our objectives and deliver effective long-term solutions, providing independence and self-sufficiency for vulnerable children, families and communities.

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th: This week we pray for our partners at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera slum outside Nairobi, Kenya, and for CEO John White and Head of Operations Steve Wicking as they travel to Kenya and Uganda. We remember International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th.

On Sunday, International Women’s Day, pray for gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls. Pray for projects supporting women in Albania, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zambia.

On Monday pray for a generous response to our Lent appeal for the feeding programme at Spurgeons. Supporting the programme for one year will ensure the children have regular healthy meals while our partners explore ways to secure ongoing funding*.

On Tuesday pray for good health for John and Steve and safe uneventful travel throughout their management trip as they fly to Nairobi. Pray for communities in Uganda and Kenya suffering food shortages as a result of massive swarms of locusts.

On Wednesday pray for Steve as he meets Kenyanito and the Kenyan team and takes over management of the Kibera project. Pray for wisdom and discernment as the management teams discuss the work at Spurgeons.

On Thursday pray for the children attending Spurgeons, give thanks for the education, medical and welfare support provided through the school. Pray the children will be blessed by their UK visitors.

On Friday John and Steve fly to Kampala and meet with lawyers and auditors to review all our Ugandan projects. Pray Steve quickly adapts to Ugandan culture and behaviours and pray for a blessed and constructive meeting.

On Saturday pray for John and Steve as they travel to Rukungiri in the South West, joined by members of the Global Care National Board, Pastor Job from Soroti and Gertrude Iga from Kampala. Pray for fruitful conversations on their journey.

Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st: This week we continue to pray for projects in Uganda as John and Steve visit Rukungiri, and then Soroti in the North East.

On Sunday pray the visiting team are refreshed and inspired as they attend Church in Rukungiri. Pray for vision and encouragement as the National Board convenes and the team meet a proposed new board member from Rukungiri.

On Monday give thanks and pray for Moses and Penlope, the Rukungiri local team. Pray for their families and thank God for the safe delivery of a third daughter for Penlope in December. Pray for productive meetings with Steve and John.

On Tuesday pray for initiatives in Rukungiri. Pray for children on the sponsorship programme, and for disabled children enabled to attend school through our project to provide access to education for children with mobility difficulties.

On Wednesday give thanks for all our partners and supporters in Uganda as the visiting team travel back to Kampala. Pray for strength and the opportunity for some rest as John and Steve drive onward to Soroti.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for Soroti joint managers Fred and David. Pray for a full recovery for Fred who injured his arm badly in December. Pray for the local team running existing sponsorship programmes and exploring new initiatives.

On Friday pray for the children and staff at the Ark disability day-care centre. Pray for wisdom for John and Steve as they review Soroti programmes and meet staff and children.

On Saturday pray for vocational training programmes in all our Uganda centres. Pray young people are able to move on from education and gain work to support themselves and their families.

Sunday 22nd – Saturday 28th: This week we remember Mothering Sunday on 22nd, continue to pray for the Uganda trip, and pray for our partners SKD Guatemala and their work with street children in Guatemala City.

On Sunday, Mothering Sunday, pray for mothers, orphans, and child-headed families in our projects, that they know love, security and safety through family, friends and local partners. Pray for John and Steve as they travel back to Kampala.

On Monday pray for Patrick and Catherine the local Kampala team. Give thanks for their work and pray for constructive conversations with the UK Managers – who fly to back to the UK tonight.

On Tuesday as John and Steve arrive home, pray their trip has been encouraging and motivating. Pray for wisdom as they prepare to report their findings and plan future initiatives in Uganda.

On Wednesday give thanks for the local team working in Guatemala City to rescue children living on the streets and preventing children taking to the streets. Pray for blessing and for physical safety for staff and volunteers.

On Thursday pray for protection and healing from emotional trauma and abuse for children in the project. Pray for their physical safety and health in this violent and dangerous environment.

On Friday pray for the volunteer mentoring team supporting individual children to learn to make wise choices. Pray for encouragement as relationships are built and pray children learn ways to bring hope to their futures.

On Saturday give thanks for the Protection Home, an initiative enabling the team to keep beds ready and available for children and families at immediate risk of harm from a dangerous or abusive situation.

Sunday 29th– Tuesday 31st: This week we pray for our Syrian partners House of Hope and their work providing School Clubs in a suburb of Damascus.

On Sunday pray for blessing for the Syrian team, who work in a dangerous and precarious environment. Pray for their protection, and freedom to continue their work. Pray for our partners in Lebanon who visit and support our partners in Syria.

On Monday pray for the extremely poor children attending the School Club and accessing education, therapeutic support and a safe place to play. Pray children who lost family and friends in the war can begin to heal and hope for the future.

On Tuesday give thanks for the commitment and care of the local team, and their desire to support children living and working on streets near their Centre. Pray for wisdom as they decide how to respond to the needs of these children.


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