I want to help

We last increased the ‘price’ of our monthly giving programmes, including sponsorship, in 2012, eight long years ago!

However, since 2012 our costs have risen enormously due to the economic downturn, increased fuel, food and general living costs, and plummeting exchange rates associated with the Brexit referendum.

This has created a serious squeeze on budgets in all the countries in which we work. It has made it increasingly difficult to meet all the welfare and educational needs of our sponsored children, or to continue to deliver our high-impact projects, with the reduced money available.

Consequently, throughout the coming year, we will be asking all our sponsors and project partners to consider increasing their regular donations.

If sponsors are able to increase their monthly gift to £25, and project partners increase to £18, we believe this increased income will better enable us to meet our financial commitments.

We understand that not everyone will be in a position to increase their giving, but hope that many of you will be able to do so. Letters will be sent out in the coming weeks, or you can increase your giving with immediate effect if you wish.

Thank you for your ongoing support – it is our regular donors, more than anyone, who enable us to deliver effective year-on-year impact for vulnerable children worldwide, and we are very grateful for your committed giving.