I want to help

Although the problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic are the same worldwide, the ability of communities to respond effectively is vastly different.

Since March 2020, Global Care has been helping vulnerable families in disadvantaged communities to survive the pandemic. For many, the economic impact of lockdown has been worse than the actual illness. Most families connected to our overseas projects are involved in daily-wage labour – if they cannot work they cannot eat. Lockdown means starvation.

Our grassroots partners have delivered emergency food parcels to thousands of families in eleven nations on four continents. They have also given hand-hygiene supplies, and raised awareness of how people can protect themselves..

What’s next?

As many countries try to move to a ‘new normal’, post-lockdown, Global Care’s coronavirus response will focus on:

Families: We need to keep children safe with feeding, and support with rent payments, where lockdown continues, and in post-lockdown scenarios where many daily-wage jobs have disappeared. This will be on an as-needed basis while economies and communities recover.

Education: The UN warns of a ‘generational catastophe’ because of the disruption to education worldwide. But bringing children back to our partners’ schools, homework clubs and children’s centres in a Covid-secure way will not be easy. We need to provide hand sanitisers or hand-washing stations, face masks, and to allow social distancing – providing extra space, desks or even staff.

We are using our Children At Risk funds to step up in this crisis. Costs vary – feeding is always expensive, especially where prices are escalating fast.

Thanks to your generosity we have already raised over £135,000. We estimate we need to raise at least another £20,000 to see us through to the end of 2020.

Please give using the donation button below, or, if you are able, consider setting up a monthly donation to our Children At Risk fund for the duration of this crisis.

We recognise that many people may be experiencing serious financial uncertainty themselves at this time. However, if you are able to give, please help us.