Prayer Focus April 2020

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“…Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” Luke 24:5b-7

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th: This week we pray for our partners Community Concern, and our work in Sri Lanka at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC), Kadella shelter and Heavena refuge. This month we also pray for Global Care and our overseas partners in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday pray for wisdom for Global Care CEO John White and our Trustees as they consider how to respond to UK government advice and restrictions, and how to ensure our overseas partners and children are supported in the coming months.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for good health for the Community Concern team and the children they support. Pray for children attending MSCC and specifically for children with learning difficulties or at risk from abuse and neglect.

On Friday give thanks for an additional field worker, and pray for the field workers’ safety during home visits. Pray for wisdom and encouragement as they support parents, liaise with government officers and provide counselling for children.

On Saturday pray for children and families affected by HIV who receive support at Kadella and pray for the work of Heavena which supports abused women and children.

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th: This week we remember World Health Day on 7th April, which this year focusses on nurses and midwives, and we pray for children and projects in the context of health and healthcare. As we approach Easter, we take time to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection.

On Sunday give thanks for our Children At Risk intervention fund which enables our international partners to access funds to intervene in medical emergencies, and help children access medical treatment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

On Monday pray for children in all our overseas programmes. Pray for solutions to provide education and extra food where schools are closed during the pandemic. Pray for wise government decisions in countries where healthcare is inadequate and running water a luxury.

On Tuesday, World Health Day, pray for nurses and midwives, and for an international strengthening of the healthcare workforce. Pray for healthcare workers in the UK and throughout the world who are working tirelessly to provide services during these challenging months.

On Wednesday pray for initiatives in Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia which help children affected by HIV/AIDS, either directly or indirectly. Pray these children can continue to receive the support that keeps them alive and improves their immunity.

On Maundy Thursday as our thoughts turn to events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, pray for the courage to love others as Jesus loved us. Pray for all those who betray, and those betrayed, and for innocent victims everywhere.

On Good Friday remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, in humility and grace offering Himself to death so that we might live forever. Pray that as we reflect on the wonder of His goodness and love we are inspired to follow His example.

On Saturday remembering how Jesus’ friends and family mourned and wept after His death, pray for those who mourn and weep today – that they see the bright light of everlasting hope and have peace and confidence in God’s goodness and love.

Sunday 12th – Saturday 18th: This Easter week we give thanks for Jesus sacrifice, and we pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries at Calcutta Emmanuel School and the Pavement Club in Kolkata, India.

On Easter Sunday give thanks for our undeserved gift of Jesus, and celebrate with joy that through His death and resurrection, He opened the gate of everlasting life to us. Pray for those who are isolated from family, alone or afraid today.

On Easter Monday as we continue to rejoice in our salvation, remember the desperately poor and vulnerable children in our projects throughout the world and pray that they will know joy and peace, and have hope for their futures.

On Tuesday give thanks for Emmanuel Ministries and the teams working in partnership with Global Care to provide education to vulnerable children in the slums of Kolkata. Pray for wisdom as they consider how to support families and observe restrictions on social interaction.

On Wednesday pray for the team at Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES) who provide free education for the poorest children of Kolkata. Pray for blessing, safety and good health for the team and their families.

On Thursday pray for sponsored children at CES. Pray that the school’s vision is realised, and underprivileged and marginalised children are transformed and equipped to bring about change and development in their own communities.

On Friday pray for children attending the Pavement Club who can play, learn, and eat healthy snacks in a safe, caring environment. Give thanks for the staff and volunteer team, who help children and their families have hope for the future

On Saturday give thanks for the wide-reaching impact of the work of Emmanuel Ministries, pray for community awareness programmes helping desperately poor and overlooked families find solutions to their challenging circumstances

Sunday 19th – Saturday 25th: This week we pray for our partners and their work supporting Dalit (‘untouchable’) children at Global Care Centres in Patripul on the outskirts of Mumbai, India and pray for the work of Global Care with all our overseas partners.

On Sunday give thanks for the team providing informal education to Dalit children at the two Global Care Centres in Patripul. Pray for their safety and health, pray they will be blessed in this challenging environment.

On Monday pray for an end to community discrimination under the caste system in India. Pray that our centres will not be forced to relocate again due to prejudice and inflated rents. Give thanks for backpacks children received from a local wealthy man, himself a Dalit.

On Tuesday pray for justice and equality for Dalits in all areas of life. Pray Dalit families will not be denied access to clean water in their local community and pray for improved sanitation services in Patripul.

On Wednesday pray for an end to the abuse and discrimination suffered by Dalit children attending government schools. Pray for our local staff in their advocacy work to ensure Dalit children are treated with respect and justice in schools.

On Thursday pray for Dalit families whose lives of poverty and exploitation leave them without hope for the future. Pray for them during this pandemic, pray they will not be subject to increased prejudice and unjustly denied safety and healthcare.

On Friday pray that Global Care can continue to maintain communication and support with all our overseas partners. Pray for wisdom and inspiration as we all adjust to new ways of working and living.

On Saturday pray for our UK staff and volunteers. Pray for good health to enable us to keep working. Pray that international economic uncertainty does not affect our income or our ability to send money to overseas partners.

Sunday 26th– Thursday 30th: This week we pray for our informal Shack School for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and our partners Out of the Wilderness, Lebanon and for House of Hope our partners in Syria, and their work providing School Clubs in a suburb of Damascus.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for good health for the local teams in Lebanon and Syria. Pray for wisdom and inspiration as they seek to continue working in volatile and dangerous environments.

On Monday pray for solutions to enable our local teams to continue to support vulnerable children during school closures in Lebanon.

On Tuesday pray for healing from emotional and physical trauma for children who fled Syria in fear of their lives or who were separated from their families. Pray families continue to be reunited and find safe places to settle and rebuild homes.

On Wednesday pray for refugee families struggling to gain regular employment and relying on casual work, which has significantly dropped alongside Lebanon’s economic downturn.

On Thursday pray for children attending the School Club in Damascus, pray they can begin to heal and hope for the future. Pray for the health and safety of the children and their families in this unstable area.






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