Prayer Focus Special Edition : A-Z of Prayers About Coronavirus Impacts

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As COVID-19 brings fear and chaos in its wake, use our special edition of Prayer Focus to pray for our international partners and the vulnerable children they support. Read here, or download from the bottom of this page.

Deuteronomy 31:6 “…Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you…”





Pray for the Global Care Albania team working to support vulnerable families in the Bathore slum. Pray for wisdom and safety as they try to arrange ways for vulnerable families to get food now New Day Centre is closed.




Pray for health and safety for the local team who usually provide education and welfare support to desperately poor children and families. Pray for initiatives to promote self-sufficiency – that they provide food for the community.



Community Concern – Sri Lanka

Pray for our partners in Sri Lanka, for wisdom during lockdown, for health and safety, and for vulnerable and abused and children and families including children with HIV, who usually benefit from their programmes.




Pray for ostracised and discriminated Dalits in Patripul slum, India. Without the safety of our centres, closed during lockdown, pray for health and protection for the local team, for parents and children, and for food. Pray for day labourers without work and wages.




Pray for children in Ethiopia while all schools are closed. Pray for good health for our partners, children and families. Pray families retain understanding of the power of education while children work on their families’ land, and for fruitful harvests.




Pray local teams worldwide can access sufficient food for care packages and find ways of delivering food to vulnerable children and families. Pray for families who can no longer afford to buy food.




Pray for the health and safety of partners SKD Guatemala. Pray for vulnerable children who rely on the mentoring and outreach programmes which had to close for lockdown. Pray for permission to deliver care packages to desperate families.



Houtberg Childcare Centre, Zimbabwe

Pray for Pastor Mishack and his family, and the orphaned or abandoned children who are part of the extended Houtberg family.  Pray for wisdom as the team seek to provide safety and care in such uncertain times and with all schools closed.




Pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries, as they consider how to support families during India’s lockdown. Pray for the impoverished children and families they support. Without access to Pavement Clubs and schools, pray for the health and safety of the children.




Pray for families relying on casual labour and no longer finding work, or whose jobs are stopped as countries close businesses and impose travel and social distancing restrictions. Pray for those whose income has dried up and are consequently hungry and more vulnerable to sickness.




Pray for the local team at Spurgeons in Kibera, where all schools are closed. Pray for wisdom and inspiration as they look for ways to take rations to families without food. Pray they can maintain communication with care givers and monitor the children’s needs.




Pray for Syrian children and families living in tents in Lebanon’s refugee camps. With no opportunity for isolation, and no running water, pray for protection. Pray for our local partners, who are unable to work or travel. The Shack School is closed.






Pray for the health and safety of vulnerable and discriminated children and families receiving care through our partner DS in Karenni state. Pray they can access necessities and receive appropriate information and guidance.



North Africa – Morocco

Pray for the team providing support to vulnerable children in locked-down Morocco. Give thanks that they have enough food and for the recent Internet installation enabling children to study online. Pray for protection and good health for children and adults.



Operations Team

Pray for our UK Operations Team working hard to maintain communication and support for our overseas partners in the face of huge logistical and economic challenges. Pray for God’s mercy, grace and blessing on all our overseas projects.



Poi Pet – Cambodia

Pray for Titus and the team at New Hope Children’s Home. Pray their agricultural initiatives provide enough food for the home, the team, and their families. Pray for their health and safety.




In situations where quarantine is almost impossible due to over-crowding, where regular hand washing and social distancing are extremely difficult, and where survival is already a struggle, pray for protection from Coronavirus for our partners, all our children, families and communities.



Rukungiri, Uganda

Pray for disabled children on our programme in Rukungiri and at the Ark disability day-care centre in Soroti. As schools are closed and gatherings prohibited, pray these children will not be subject to discrimination and denied access to handwashing or healthcare.




Pray for safety for the team providing school clubs in Damascus, Syria. Pray that after deep cleaning has taken place, they will be able to open the centre again and provide a safe place for traumatised and orphaned children.




As transport within countries and internationally is substantially reduced, pray that supplies reach the most rural communities, that poor countries are not restricted by inflated prices for food and medical supplies and that food is available for the most vulnerable people.




Pray for our teams supporting sponsored children in Soroti, Kampala and Rukungiri. Pray for families struggling to recover after crops were destroyed by locusts. Pray for anxious and fearful families as prices for soap and food increase, and living in overcrowded homes increases risk from Coronavirus.



Vulnerable families

As banks in some countries are closed, pray that our partners can access funds, buy supplies and support vulnerable families. Pray vulnerable communities learn how to support each other in safe ways during the pandemic.




Pray for the student teachers at St John’s College in Wau, Sudan. Schools and colleges are currently closed but the local team hope students can sit exams in May. Pray for the children they usually teach.




Pray that this shared global crisis brings people together instead of increasing xenophobia and racist attitudes worldwide. Pray for discriminated peoples, that they will not be forgotten in the response to contain the virus and provide medical care.




Pray for Joshua and the team at Grace Children’s Home, and the vulnerable children they support in Myanmar. People are panic-buying, pray the team can buy enough rice and cooking essentials with their limited finances. Two cases in their suburb mean lockdown is imminent.




Pray for our partners New Life Action Foundation Trust, and for their work helping vulnerable rural communities implement government guidelines for hand washing and social distancing. Pray they will be able to buy sufficient soap and water containers.



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