I want to help

Ten year-old *Gerrard is HIV positive. His father died of AIDS when he was aged just two, and his mother, who is also HIV positive, was ostracised by the rest of the family, who blamed her for his father’s death.

As an outcast in their village, Gerrard’s mother had little choice but to move away, and came to live in Kibera, in the slums of Nairobi. Here she scrapes a living by washing clothes and doing odd jobs to support herself and her son. Life is tough, as they have little money for medical bills, and both suffer frequent illnesses because of their condition. They often go hungry.

However, when Gerrard reached school age, he was given a place at Spurgeons Academy, a primary school for extremely poor children in Kibera, almost all of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. The school is supported by Global Care. He receives a free uniform, two meals a day, and a top quality education. Free of charge.

In addition, the Spurgeons team frequently help with the cost of medical care and extra feeding. In 2019 he had to spend a whole month in hospital, and the Spurgeons team helped with both fees and food supplements to improve his health.

Gerrard’s mother says: “Spurgeons has always been there for me. My son would be out of school and perhaps dead today, if it were not for their support.”

Do you want to help children like Gerrard? A gift of just £30 to Global Care’s 2020 Lent Appeal will provide two meals a day for a whole year to a pupil like Gerrard at Spurgeons. Feeding is essential for learning. Your gift supports both goals. #FoodForThought

*Child’s name changed to protect his identity