Prayer Focus May 2020

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4: 4-7

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th: This week we pray for our Children at Risk programme and our response to the coronavirus crisis. We pray for the impact of coronavirus on our projects in Africa.

On Friday pray our partners find ways to deliver food parcels, soap, and water containers to the most vulnerable families. Pray for the health and safety of our local teams as they navigate new travel and social distancing rules.

On Saturday pray for a generous response to our appeal for funds to support our Children at Risk programme*. For vulnerable children and families to receive care packages, our partners are paying inflated prices for commodities, communication, transport and delivery.

On Sunday pray for the team at Houtberg Childcare Centre in Zimbabwe. Pray for children missing school, pray for successful agricultural projects to help the local team feed the children and their own families in the face of escalating prices.

On Monday pray for our Ethiopian partners, Addis Kidan Baptist Church. Pray for their work supporting local communities with Covid-19 awareness workshops and provision of hand washing equipment, soap and sanitisers. Pray for plans to develop new initiatives in Ethiopia.

On Tuesday pray for our partners at Spurgeon’s in Kenya. Pray for their programme of support, and for the incredibly vulnerable families living in overcrowded shacks in the Kibera slum where regular hand-washing and social distancing are almost impossible.

On Wednesday pray for our three projects in Uganda. Give thanks for successful initiatives to provide children and families with food, cooking essentials and soap. Pray for local staff, pray for children with disability and families living in cramped conditions.

On Thursday pray for our project supporting abandoned children in North Africa. Pray for the health and safety of the children and the local staff. Pray they can access sufficient food and other essentials.

On Friday pray for trainee teachers in South Sudan, without work and wages and currently unable to complete qualifications. Pray for health and safety for them and their families, for food and hand-washing facilities. Pray for children whose education has been interrupted.

On Saturday pray for sponsored children and local partners, New Life Action Foundation Trust living in rural villages in locked down Zambia. Pray the local team can access and deliver medical supplies, food and soap.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th: This week we pray for our projects in Europe, the Middle East and Central America, and remember the International Day of Families on 15th May. We pray for our UK operations.

On Sunday pray for the team in Albania supporting families living in semi-legal slums without access to local or central funding. With wage-earners having lost their sources of employment, pray families can access food, medical supplies, soap and clean water.

On Monday pray for the health and safety of the local team isolated at home in locked down Lebanon. Pray for Syrian refugee families living in overcrowded tented refugee camps in the Bekaa valley with reduced external support due to travel restrictions.

On Tuesday pray for the House of Hope team in Syria. Pray for wisdom as they seek to continue supporting desperate families in this dangerous environment.

On Wednesday give thanks for our partners SKD Guatemala who have distributed food parcels and medicines to the vulnerable families they support. Pray they can continue this work within government restrictions.

On Thursday pray for our UK Operations Team, pray for good health for them and their families. Pray for their work ensuring ongoing communication with our overseas partners and safeguarding continuity of local projects and initiatives.

On Friday, the International Day of Families, pray for families throughout the world. Pray for those who mourn the loss of family members or whose family are sick with Covid-19. Pray for families without income, without food, without sanitation.

On Saturday pray for Global Care UK and Global Care Volunteers. Pray for our sources of income, pray for generous giving during this difficult economic situation. Pray for marketing and fundraising teams, for shop teams while shops are closed, pray for furloughed staff.

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd: This week we pray for our projects in South and South East Asia.

On Sunday pray for Bangladesh, where the army enforces lockdown rules. Home of Love children returned to their guardians, pray for children and their families, and for the local team who support the children remotely and by distributing food and soap.

On Monday pray for our Sri Lankan partners, Community Concern, and for the vulnerable children, families affected by HIV/AIDS, and the abused women they support. Give thanks that staff gained curfew permits for collecting food and medicines and pray this continues.

On Tuesday pray for the Global Care local team working with Dalits in Patripul, India. Pray they can continue to help desperate families by distributing food. Pray for good health and safety for this discriminated and persecuted community.

On Wednesday pray for the safety of partners Emmanuel Ministries as they travel to take turns living-in at residential units or buying and distributing food to vulnerable families in Kolkata. Pray for solutions to soaring prices and unavailability of some items.

On Thursday pray for our local partners and their families, and the children they care for at New Hope Children’s Home in Cambodia. Give thanks for self-sufficiency initiatives that will provide rice, fish and fruit during the state of emergency.

On Friday pray for our work in Myanmar, at Grace Children’s Home in Yangon. Pray for local staff and their families as they seek to continue to provide food, clothing, welfare care and basic education for 10 vulnerable children.

On Saturday pray for families supported by our partner DS in Karenni State in Myanmar. Pray for the health of neglected communities with inadequate infrastructure, healthcare, and access to clean water. Pray for safety from Covid-19 in the region.

Sunday 24th – Sunday 31st: This week we remember the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers on 29th and pray for communities in our projects affected by conflict and unrest.

On Sunday pray for an end to conflict in Myanmar affecting ethnic minority states. Pray for our Karenni project and for people suffering the lasting effects of many years of conflict, loss and fear, pray for healing and peace.

On Monday pray for Syrian refugee children who attend our Shack Schools in Lebanon. Pray that the love, support and education children receive from our partners start the process of healing from trauma and give them hope for the future.

On Tuesday pray for our partners House of Hope and families they support through School Clubs in Damascus. Pray that children respond to interventions to help them deal with the physical, emotional and mental trauma suffered during many years of war.

On Wednesday pray for our trainee Primary School teachers, and the children they teach in Wau district in South Sudan. Pray that receiving quality education improves employment options for the whole community, and empowers teachers to contribute to peace collaborations.

On, Thursday the International Day of Peacekeepers, pray for those who seek to maintain peace and protect civilians in areas of conflict. Remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect vulnerable communities.

On Friday pray for peace in Zimbabwe which continues to face violent unrest and economic instability. Pray that as the government responds to the coronavirus pandemic, they will introduce measures to address severe poverty and inequality.

On Saturday pray for Dalits and Christians across India, which is seeing an increase in caste-based and religious discrimination and violence. Pray for peace for the Dalit communities we support in Patripul and Kolkata, pray for protection, respect and justice for the children.

On Sunday pray for the poor and vulnerable, the hungry and abused in our world, as we end another month of increased power for many governments. Pray for an awakening of justice and righteousness in legislation, and for peace in, and between, communities.


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