I want to help

An economic crisis, a refugee crisis, a pandemic and a horrific explosion… the last few years have heaped suffering on the people of Lebanon.

In the aftermath of the explosion which destroyed Beirut’s port in August, Global Care sent just under £10,000 from emergency funds to support the relief efforts led by our former partners, Heart For Lebanon. The H4L team plan to feed 750 families affected by the disaster for up to three months, as well as helping with extensive clear-up and rebuilding activities at homes and churches.  Global Care’s contribution will feed 110 families for one month, and supply non-food essentials like nappies, hygiene supplies and medicine. Please pray for the victims, the injured, the suffering, the missing. Too many families tell stories like this one: 

A House Shaken, a Family Broken

Fatima, a mum of four, had just got back from a trip to the park, opening her windows for fresh air, when her home began to shake. She called the children, thinking they should leave the building, when an enormous explosion took place.

She went to neighbours, who were watching the news. They told her of a massive explosion at the port, just a few miles from her husband’s workplace.

Frantic, she phoned her husband, Abdel, repeatedly. There was no reply.

Some time later she received a call from a man who told her he had found Abdel and was taking him to hospital, but all the hospitals for miles around were full. He had been hit in the back by a massive concrete block. He died in the car on the way to get help.

“It was chaos, people were lost, I couldn’t reach him,” Fatima told our partners, trying to hold back tears. “The kids miss their father, they know about the explosion, they know they lost him, but it hurts to explain that they will never see him again.”

The youngest child, Farah, just 18 months old, runs to her mother every time she hears a car or motorcycle moving outside. She cries out in fear at every sudden sound, even a door being shut.

The H4L team visited Farah in the days after the explosion, to take her food and non-food essentials, like nappies, and to pray with her. They will continue to support her as the family learn to live with their great loss.