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*Shrinay’s mum arrived two hours early and waited in the rain to receive a special food parcel from our partners in Bangladesh. She was desperate to give something nutritious to her poorly little boy.

Since 21-month-old Shrinay was diagnosed with a thyroid disease at the age of six months, the family live constantly on the edge of disaster.

Doctors at the local hospital suggested they find better treatment than is available locally, and so they began travelling to India every two months for medicine.

In order to pay for their travels and treatment, they mortgaged their one asset, a small piece of land, took on day labouring jobs, and borrowed money from an NGO.

Fighting malnutrition for Shrinay

The coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic for the family. They cannot travel, so can no longer access treatment for Shrinay. They borrowed money to pay for medicine locally. But work stopped in lockdown, so they could not eat, nor could they pay their mortgage or loans.

Their oldest child, six year-old Shrithik, attends a preschool run by our partners, Love Your Neighbour, in Horintana. When they heard a special food delivery would be made to families with children under four, his mother wept for joy. By then Shrinay was surviving only on rice powder cooked with water.

Early in lockdown our partners gave food parcels to 500 families connected to the preschools, but this second delivery was targeted at the youngest children, to help stave off malnutrition in the early years when it is most detrimental to children’s development.

On the day the delivery was due, Shrinay’s mum was first in the queue, two hours before the centre was due to open, so she could get the first packet of food and rush back to feed her baby boy.

Later she came back to thank the LYN team and told them it was the first proper meal he had had for 12 weeks. She asked for prayer for Shrinay’s healing. Our partners say: “He desperately needs quality treatment that the parents are unable to provide. We felt broken when we realised that the littlest and youngest children were not getting proper food.”

They were able to deliver food parcels consisting of powdered milk, porridge and sugar to 361 families with children aged four or under.

If you’d like to support families like Shrinay’s, we are using our Children At Risk funds to step up in the coronavirus crisis. Please donate using the button below.