I want to help

The coronavirus pandemic proves the value of child sponsorship, as well as  increasing the need for it.

For hundreds of vulnerable children, sponsorship has been the difference between life and death, hunger and adequate food, justice in the face of abuse, hope instead of despair.

Crucially, sponsorship brings at least one consistent caring adult into the life of a child, as our partners oversee their wellbeing. All the research into Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) proves this is a huge protective factor.

At times of crisis, as in the past year, a sponsored child has somewhere to turn. Especially when other protective factors, like safety at school, are reduced. Our sponsored children all face different challenges. But sponsorship helps them ALL face the future with hope.

It costs just 82 pence per day to sponsor a child. The need has never been greater.

Dan’s father lost his home and land due to river erosion just before Dan was born. A church gave them land for a house, but the struggle for food was constant. They couldn’t afford hospital treatment, so when Dan’s mother haemorrhaged in childbirth, she died. Two years later, Dan’s father died following a massive heart attack, leaving Dan with his grandparents, and an uncle in distant village.

When he was six, Dan’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and approached our Bangladeshi partners, Love Your Neighbour, to request a place at the Home of Love. When the team visited they found little food in the house, and a very dirty, thin little boy. They welcomed him in, and Global Care found him a sponsor.

Now aged eight, during a recent visit to the village, neighbours were amazed at Dan’s transformation. When not at the home (which had to close during the pandemic), Dan is supported to live with his uncle. Despite everything, last year he came top of the class.

Without child sponsorship, where would Dan be? But with sponsorship, he has a bright future.

Could you sponsor a vulnerable child like Dan? Check out our child sponsorship programme today. Investing just 82p per day (£25 per month) can change a child’s life forever.