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Our Medical Response Fund, now in its 12th year, continues to impact the lives of vulnerable children and young people needing urgent, unexpected or unaffordable medical treatment, all over the world.

Whether it’s an accident, unexplained illness, a sudden onset of pain or a long-term untreated condition, the Medical Response Fund (MRF) empowers our partners to step in and help children gain access to medical treatment, without delay. Here are just some examples of how the fund was used in 2020. 

Elliot’s Accident

9-year-old Elliot* was playing when an older boy slipped while carrying a bowl of hot water. The water splashed over Elliot, scalding his lower back. Our local partners, Love Your Neighbour Bangladesh quickly took Elliot to see a doctor, who referred him to hospital.  Thanks to the MRF, Elliot was able to receive treatment without delay. He was then released from hospital to an isolation bed at Home of Love. Elliot continued to receive dressing changes from a qualified doctor and staff at the home gave him special care and attention, including extra nutrition and fruit to help the healing process.  The total cost of Elliot’s care was 23,892 Bangladeshi taka (approx. £220)

Vicky’s Untreated Illness

11 year-old Vicky* was experiencing convulsions and her family could not afford medical care.  However, as one of the girls taking part in our partners’ pioneering mentoring programme for high-risk children in Guatemala, the local team arranged for Vicky to see a doctor. Vicky was prescribed treatment, and while not fully cured, her condition is now significantly improved. The total cost of her treatment was Q960, about £96.

William’s Now Walking

12-year-old William* developed a hernia which affected his walking and consequently both his school and social life. Thanks to the MRF, the local team in Soroti, Uganda, were able to take William to hospital where doctors said he needed surgery. William stayed in hospital for four days in total. In addition to the cost of surgery and medication, Global Care paid for his food, washing, and general care.  The total cost of consultation, surgery, medication and welfare was £77.16.

Gabriel’s New Glasses

17 year-old Gabriel lives in Guatemala City and is the older brother, and one of the main financial supporters, of a girl attending the mentoring scheme run by our partners Street Kids Direct Guatemala.
Gabriel desperately needed a new pair of glasses, which he couldn’t afford as they cost a total of Q1,500 (approximately £150). He paid Q300 himself, the team received a further donation of Q700 towards the cost, and Global Care’s MRF paid the final Q500 (£50). Gabriel is delighted with his new glasses!

Our Medical Response Fund is operated through our Children At Risk programme. You can read how it all began here, in Parvin’s story. If you’re a Children At Risk supporter, thank you so much for your generosity! We hope you can see how powerful and transformative even relatively small donations can be.

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