I want to help

Few communities were as hard hit as the Dalit families of Patripul, near Mumbai. There we fed hundreds of men, women and children seven times over eight months in 2020, and as India staggers under the impact of a second wave of Covid, we continue to support them today.

We want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all who have supported us – and to help you understand the incredible impact of this work. Please take a moment to watch this short film: It’s a rare opportunity to hear directly from the people you have fed.

Please note there is one particularly harrowing story in this documentary. For a version suitable for children or particularly sensitive groups, please use the child-friendly version.

Full Documentary (13 minutes)

3-Minute Version

This version of the video is perfect for showing in church groups and other community meetings. The first video includes just translations, the second has full subtitles.

Child-Friendly Version

This version excludes one particularly harrowing story that may be inappropriate for children or other sensitive groups.