We tell people that even small sums of money can make a big difference in the life of a vulnerable child.

Here are some examples:

£4 for a better recovery

18-year-old *Harry become very unwell with dengue fever and was admitted to hospital for four days of treatment. Our partners in Sri Lanka spent £4 on extra food and nutrition to help Harry’s recovery.

Eye test for £8

14-year-old *Malcolm’s eyesight began to deteriorate, to the point that he couldn’t read his own handwriting. Our partners took him for a specialist eye test to enable the optometrist to determine the right treatment. The consultation and test cost £8.


£12 to top up first aid

Our partners in Sri Lanka spent £12 to top up the first aid box at the Morning Star Care Centre, to help them manage minor incidents. They bought first aid supplies including headache balm, bandages, indigestion tablets, plasters, painkillers and anti-histamines.

These costs may seem small to us, but to children living in poverty, they are out of reach. Thanks to the regular support of our Children at Risk partners, we’re able to step in and support the wellbeing of children across all our projects.

Starting from just £3 a month – the price of a cup of coffee – you could be there for them too.

Never forget that even small sums can make a big difference in the life of a vulnerable child.

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