I want to help

Donations are fantastic and always greatly appreciated! But regular giving enables us to do so much more.

So why give regularly?

  • It’s reliable & strategic – our international partners can plan & budget effectively
  • It’s sustainable – we can build long-term rather than settling for a short-term fix
  • It’s a partnership – we can tell you where your money goes, about the difference it is making, the lives it is changing

Regular giving enables us to invest more effectively in the most vulnerable children.

Committed UK partners have been our mainstay over the last 35 years. In our anniversary year we are keen to develop relationships with new UK partners, and are looking for at least 35 new sponsors and 35 new project partners. Please partner with us today!

Support an individual child as a child sponsor for £22 per month

Support your chosen project as a project partner from £15 per month

Support children in crisis situations worldwide as a Children At Risk partner from £3 per month