Take on our ’50 miles in 30 days’ January walking challenge and make a real difference in the lives of girls in Malawi.

In Malawi, girls entering secondary education often need to travel long distances to and from school. Often, it’s simply too far to commute from home each day, and girls find lodgings near their new school. Living alone in the community leaves them terribly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Others have to work as well as study, in order to pay for their lodgings and school fees – sometimes they miss so many weeks of term while they are earning their fees that they fail exams, or just drop out.

Global Care’s Malawian partners, Muthange, want to develop systems which support and protect girls like these. For the last year, Global Care has been funding mentoring for girls, and providing food and supplies for 30 extremely vulnerable children and young people.

We’d  like to raise £5,000 through our January walking challenge, to continue this work for another year, and work with our partners on other strategies and solutions to make education safely accessible for girls.


Just make a donation of £30 or more, using the button below. We’ll send you a registration pack, including a beanie hat to keep out the chill, and you’re off!

We’ll also set you some fun challenges each week through January, to keep you going. There will be prizes too!

If you want to raise further funds, ask friends and family to sponsor you. Details of how you can do this are included in the pack, but it’s not compulsory. If you just want to make your £30 contribution, get fit and join in the fun, you’re welcome!

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Minimum Donation: £30.00