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Can you help a young person reach independence by supporting our ‘Back a Business’ programme in Uganda?

After sponsorship for school, many sponsored children move on to apprenticeships. To start earning their own living, they need a set of tools in their chosen field. Could you help these young people take this final step into independence? Their sponsors will pay for their last year of training, but a one-off £150 gift from someone like you will help buy the tools they need to make a living.

We’re looking for open-minded business people who understand the value of a helping hand when you’re first starting out. We’re looking for established business men and women willing to invest in young people trying to build a more stable, sustainable future for themselves. We’re not looking for a long-term commitment – that work has already been done – just a simple act of generous kindness.

If you can help us, thank you SO much! We can give you a certificate thanking you and your business for your support, which you can display if you wish. We will thank you publicly in our newsletters and on our social media channels.

Thank you for choosing to Back a Business! You are helping a young adult take their first steps into independence.
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