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NOTE: This project is now closed to new partners. Thank you for your interest.

Despite a fast-growing economy, 17% of Cambodians live below the poverty line. In the border city of Poi Pet the contrasts are more extreme than most. Home to numerous luxury hotel casinos for international business people, it is also home to a desperately poor local population. Street children are commonplace.

What are the challenges?

Children forced to live and beg on the streets are clearly vulnerable – vulnerable to alcohol and solvent abuse, violence and prostitution. The project started by providing children with basic food, shelter and medical care.

Our work

Over 20 children – aged between four and sixteen – live in the New Hope Children’s Home. Most children stay a few years – because as the child’s family circumstances improve, it’s better that they return home. However, some stay permanently. The children receive loving care, clothes and medicine. They attend local schools, and any extra funds cover educational supplies, books and uniforms.

In 2011 the project moved from the city to a more secure location with space to develop in the countryside. Global Care is working hard to make this project sustainable for the long-term.

Self-sufficiency initiatives provide much needed food and extra income – chicken, pig and fish farming; vegetable gardens; our own paddy fields supply enough rice to feed everyone at the home each year.