I want to help

– You’re a vulnerable child, orphaned, abandoned, unable to live with your family
– You’re a carer for a large number of children with no other adult support
– You live in a politically and economically unstable country, where poverty is rife
– You’ve just suffered the worst weather-related disaster to strike your region in living memory

For Global Care’s partners in Zimbabwe, and the children in their care, ALL these statements are true.

Earlier this year, Cyclone Idai left devastation in its wake across three nations. Hundreds died. High winds and flooding damaged buildings and ruined precious crops on the verge of harvest – including in Chipinge, eastern Zimbabwe, home to the Houtberg Childcare Centre, a residential shelter for vulnerable children supported by Global Care for over 20 years.

When harvests fail, food prices rise. Hunger and food insecurity come knocking on your door.

Emergency funding from generous donors helped our partners in the immediate aftermath – our partners said: “Honestly, we could have died without your help”. Thank you! Now, however, we are looking ahead. We need to finalise repairs, purchase seed and start again. And we need to feed the children, despite the high prices, while new crops grow.

We would like to raise £9000 to help the Houtberg Childcare Centre do what they do best – care for vulnerable children until they are ready to care for themselves!

This harvest, can we supply what this vulnerable community needs, with the abundance we possess?