I want to help

The combination of poverty and disability is toxic. Add stigma and discrimination, and the mix is even more destructive.

There are an estimated 2.5 million children with disabilities in Uganda. According to a UNICEF-backed 2014 research study*, over 90% may not be in school. Of the children with disabilities who do attend primary school, a staggering 94% will fail to complete primary education. Only a tiny 6% – around 15,000 children across the whole country – make it to secondary education. Factor in the reality that the most of these are children with hearing or visual impairments, and for children with mobility difficulties, the picture is even worse.

In Rukungiri, in rural South Western Uganda, we are working to break down the barriers which keep children with disabilities out of education. Focusing on the needs of children with mobility difficulties, a pilot project started in January 2019, working with parents and local schools to explore ways of helping up to 20 children get to school. When the research phase is over, and we have learned through experience the most effective and sustainable ways of making education accessible for children with disabilities, we hope to launch a long-term initiative supporting these children and many more.

Children like four year-old *Prossy, who has a deformed leg, but excellent learning abilities. Or eight-year-old *Bayley, who takes up to three hours to walk 1km to school, because of problems with his pelvis. When he gets to school, he’s late. And too often, when he finally gets home, he’s in too much pain to go back the next day.

We are determined to change the story for children like Prossy and Bayley. Join us on the journey to transformation by partnering with us today