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Newsbrief Winter 2020

In this issue: Empowering women and children in Ethiopia, our continued coronavirus response, and what difference do goats make for families affected by disability in Uganda?

Newsbrief August 2020

In this issue: What next for our coronavirus response? And how are legacy gifts impacting the lives of vulnerable children worldwide?

Newsbrief Summer 2020

In this issue: The challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic have caused fear and chaos around the world. Read how Global Care has responded. Plus children's stories, fundraising events, a new charity single and much more!

Newsbrief Spring 2020

In this issue: Spotlight on Kibera, food for thought (literally) with our Lent Appeal, great feedback from Syria, Sri Lanka and our Uganda disability initiative, stories from children around the world and much more!

Newsbrief Winter 2019

In this issue: Take action to help children in Syria, find out why our nameĀ  'Global Care' now has a double meaning, enjoy the adventures of our volunteer teams and read the stories of children around the world!

Newsbrief Summer 2019

In this issue: Easter bombings, jungle classrooms, disability update and much more!

Newsbrief Spring 2019

In this issue: Lent Appeal 2019, Surviving Isis, Making Waves again and much more!