I want to help

How can your £3 buy more than coffee? Here’s one idea – help cover the basic medical costs of vulnerable children! 

Like *Samir, in Kolkata, India, who fractured his hand – an xray, painkillers and strapping cost just £1.39

*Yasmin in Sri Lanka contracted a nasty nasal infection after sticking her face in a dirty fish tank to watch the fish. Antibiotics cost just £2.05

Neither of these children’s families could afford even simple medical care. But Global Care’s international partners were able to step in, thanks to our Children at Risk fund. 

A tetanus injection for a child bitten by a dog in India cost us just 30p. Another reminder that small amounts can make a BIG difference.

Our Children At Risk partners contribute from £3 per month to help our international partners care for vulnerable children worldwide. That’s the price of a takeaway coffee, but with a LOT more impact! As well as medical expenses, we offer support in all kinds of emergencies. 

You can join the team and buy more than coffee if you’d like to make a difference too. 

Find out what else we do through Children At Risk, especially in a post-Covid world. Covid-19 has left millions of people reeling, and according to experts, has undone decades of international development. At Global Care, our Children At Risk fund has been our Covid lifeline for thousands of marginalised people. 

Remember,  even small sums of money can have more impact than you know.