I want to help

Seven year-old *Rima’s father was a soldier in the Syrian army. One day a militant group in their home town of Daraa stopped him, took him to the desert and shot him.

Rima’s terrified mum fled to Damascus with her six children. He’d always told her ‘go to Damascus’. So now he was gone, she did.

Life is hard for the family here. They are very poor. Mum doesn’t have a job, and their only income and support comes from what Rima’s maternal uncles can send them. It’s not much.

Rima joined the Hope Centre’s School Club in the initial pilot phase. Her academic skills were very poor, but little by little she is making progress. However, our partners haven’t just helped her with reading and writing, but also with her grief over the loss of her father.

Our partners say: “She tells us at the Hope Centre she feels loved. When she is at the Hope Centre she feels that the world is beautiful.”

Rima’s world, and the world of millions of children like her in Syria today, is far from beautiful. A staggering 83% of people live below the poverty line. Violence is all around and crippling fear is part of daily life. The country is on its knees, and the future for millions of children is bleak.

We’re thrilled to be providing a safe space to give children like Rima positive experiences, to know joy as well as fear, to know they are loved, can learn skills and achieve.

Can you help us help more children like Rima by supporting our ‘50 Miles in 30 Days‘ walking challenge in January 2022?

*Name changed to protect the child’s identity