I want to help

If you live in Africa’s largest slum, in a 10×10 shack, amongst thousands of shacks, crammed back to back with no running water, you just don’t have the tools to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus.

Our partners in Kibera, Kenya, have set up 25 water points at strategic locations throughout the slum, with soap and sanitisers, so people can wash their hands. Each water point is serving 700+ people per day. They hope to set up more in the coming days.

Our partners say: “Practising social distancing, a high level of hygiene and self-quarantine are not practical for the area’s residents.”

Imagine what that means….

Manned by volunteers, it costs just £17.50 to buy water and soap to keep one water point running for FORTY days. That’s less than £5 per week.

Give to our Children At Risk fund today to help us keep the water points in Kibera flowing, and help make Kibera safer.


This is just one grassroots initiative we are supporting to help our international partners fight the impact of coronavirus in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Find out more about what we’re doing to help in other locations, here

Thank you for your support!