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We’re a small charity. A grassroots charity. But during the coronavirus pandemic we’ve fed thousands of hungry people, in eleven countries, on four continents, and provided vital hygiene tools for thousands more.

We’ve brought hundreds of children back to school, and enabled home learning or alternative education for hundreds more. For a small grassroots charity, we’re making a big impact.

Our success is rooted in our grassroots model of working. All our work, all year round, is delivered by local activists, who live in the communities they serve.

This model of working means grassroots charities can respond quickly at moment of crisis.

Here are five reasons why grassroots charities are good in a crisis:

  1. 1) When disaster strikes, we don’t need to fly in a consultant or set up a network to get aid where it’s needed. Our network is already established
  2. 2) Our response is based on local knowledge, local connectivity and is culturally appropriate. Our grassroots charity partners know what the community needs and who needs it most – they live there.
  3. 3) There are no ‘middle men’ – funds go directly to the teams carrying out the work on the ground.
  4. 4) We have high levels of accountability. There is much less risk of aid going astray, as we are working through trusted partnerships. Community visibility and connection over the long term holds people accountable.
  5. 5) Add all this together, and it means our response in a crisis is FAST and EFFECTIVE

It’s OK if you prefer a megabucks operation. They get stuff done too!

But if you’ve got a taste for grassroots, community-led development, where change happens from the bottom up, then we’re the right fit for you.

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