I want to help

Despite all the challenges of 2020, at Global Care we still had reason to be grateful. We all remember the difficult moments, but here are ten reasons to look back with gratitude.

1. Your astonishing generosity at Christmas

You gave £54,057 to our Christmas Appeal, helping families in Ethiopia, bought 68 goats as alternative gifts, providing vital assets for families affected by disability in Uganda, and purchased 70 packs of facemasks, benefiting 350 children at Spurgeons Academy, Kenya. Our sponsors gave £11,879 to buy gifts for our sponsored children, a third more than last year’s total. You’re all amazing, thank you

2. Your Covid generosity:

You gave and our partners fed thousands of desperately vulnerable families, in 11 countries on four continents. Donations to our coronavirus response reached almost £150,000 in 2020, ALL of which was desperately needed. It was a privilege to be part of this outpouring of blessing.

3. A Bumper Harvest

Following the devastation of Cyclone Idai, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, with food prices rising, incomes shrinking and a shocking one third of children in Zimbabwe suffering from malnutrition; our partners at the Houtberg Childcare Centre enjoyed a bumper harvest! The massive 4.5 tonnes of maize will feed the children comfortably with surplus for sale.

4. These boys went home!

Twins *Denis and *David lived at the New Hope Children’s Home, Cambodia, after their single mum sought work in Thailand. She returned in 2020 with a new husband, a home and an income to support her boys properly. No matter how good an institution is, children thrive best in families. It’s always a cause for celebration when a child is safely welcomed home. We’re so grateful that three children from NHCH could go home in 2020, and three in 2019.

5. *Oscar’s new lease of life.

*Oscar was very very poorly last year, but a new corset and wheelchair gave him a new lease of life. Not only have his frequent bouts of pneumonia and hospital stays ended, he can even pinch, which he has never done before. We’re so thrilled at his progress! Oscar’s story is just one of many positive interventions you have enabled for children with disabilities in Uganda. For every donation, and every child sponsor enabling care and welfare for children like Oscar: THANK YOU!


6. In May, Bangladesh faced Super Cyclone Ampham, dubbed the worst storm of the century….

600+ people crammed into cyclone shelters built by Global Care, and in the communities we serve, no lives were lost. Compare that to 2007’s Cyclone Sidr, a smaller storm leading to over 10,000 deaths! We’re grateful for this deliverance for families who were already struggling in the pandemic, and proud of the
life-saving impact of our shelters.

7. It’s a school toilet. Why are we so excited?

Because this toilet is fully accessible, giving dignity and independence to children currently attending the disability playscheme at a school in Abeko, Uganda. With two self-contained stalls, with handrails and turning space for a wheelchair, the school can appropriately educate children with disabilities, who may otherwise be unable to attend, now AND for years to come. This fab new loo, costing almost £5,000, is just one of the initiatives we have delivered in 2020 thanks to the generosity of Trusts. From April to December 2020 we received Trust grants totalling £67,950 – over £10,000 more than the whole of the previous financial year.

8. We’re so grateful for all our volunteers.

In our charity shops, in the office, running the ebay channel, helping with events, trustees and envelope stuffers… THANK YOU!! You make us more effective, more efficient and more able to help more children. You are another huge reason for gratitude in this most difficult of years.

9. It has been our privilege to bear witness to ‘the god who turned up’

In the Dalit slum of Patripul, near Mumbai, desperate families faced starvation. Thanks to your donations, a suffering Hindu community saw that this Jesus is a God who cares for the broken and disadvantaged, as we served those who stayed in the slum, and provided safe passage to village homes for hundreds of others. Thank you for equipping us for this practical ministry which bears witness to something greater. Thanks especially to the Catalyst Network of churches which donated almost £10,000 to this work.

10. We’re so grateful for those who uphold us in prayer.

This tumultuous year has shown us afresh that all we do is thanks to the grace of God. All these positives exist in the context of calamity in the charity sector.: A study in August 2020 showed thousands of small charities like us expect to close in the next 12 months; they won’t survive the pandemic. UK government aid is being reduced. Charity scandals have damaged trust. UK individual giving to international charities has almost halved in the last six years. With Brexit finally here, and the pandemic far from over, financial uncertainty is an ever-present reality – at a time when our work is needed more than ever! Yet we saw God provide in 2020 and trust He will continue providing, as we continue committing our work to Him. Thank you for your prayers – please keep it up!