‘They don’t want pity, they want change’

"Disability is not inability” was the phrase being chanted by hundreds of schoolchildren, teachers, families and committee board members, throughout the day at Atira Disability Support Group.

Building a better society – helping young refugees look ahead

A ground-breaking peace-building initiative working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon has been funded through Global Care’s Children At Risk programme.. The pilot project hoped to provide teenagers and young men and women in their early 20s with important skills needed to help re-build their homeland when the civil war in Syria ends. Four trainers presented a programme of eight sessions including topics on communication skills, conflict resolution skills, time management and team building. The project allowed refugees from different backgrounds to discuss how they wished to build a better Syria, one founded on equality and mutual...

Harvesting hope

“I went to visit to Uganda in 2016 as part of a volunteer team with my son Barnie when he was then 16. It was an amazing experience, albeit a challenging one.

The price of a life

Life was already tough for eight-year-old Jemma, when she was involved in a terrible road traffic accident which could have killed her. Jemma lives with her grandmother and five half-sisters, near Kampala, Uganda, in a two-roomed house with a dirt floor. Her father is dead, and her mother is physically and mentally disabled, so her grandmother has been her sole carer since she was one week old. This fragile family are very poor and cannot afford bedding, so they sleep on old rugs bundled up to make a mattress. Jemma’s grandmother works in a nearby...

Growing change in a cashless economy

It seems that there is literally no cash around! I was so glad I had been forewarned and had brought our small denominations of US dollars to use whilst in Zimbabwe. I was travelling out to see the team at the Houtberg Childcare Centre in Chipinge, to see how they were getting on with a large irrigation project, which Global Care had been able to fund through a grant from a major donor.