Rob with a smiling child in Ethiopia

Telling Stories in Song

When someone commits to long-term support for Global Care, it really is music to our ears.  And this couldn’t be more true of singer-songwriter, Rob Halligan.
A Patripul family receiving a food parcel

Too Precious For Poison

Living in lockdown in Patripul, India, a family with seven children planned to poison themselves to prevent a slow death from starvation.
Handwashing provision in Kibera, Kenya

Keep Kibera Safe

If you live in Africa's largest slum, in a 10x10 shack, amongst thousands of shacks, crammed back to back with no running water, you just don't have the tools to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus.
Patripul family in single room with food parcel

Action Speaks Louder

Water points in Kibera, food parcels in a Mumbai slum, hygiene training in rural Zambia – just a few weeks ago none of these activities were on Global Care’s ‘to-do’ list!
The narrow pathways of Kibera slum, Kenya

How Three Weeks Can Change Everything: A Word from the CEO

“Are you mad! No one will want to help!”  This was what one person told me when they heard that Global Care was launching an appeal to help vulnerable children overseas, affected by the coronavirus crisis. I hope and pray they were wrong.
impoverished children sitting by littered roadside

World Hunger Facts

Would you like to do more to help fight world hunger but you’re not sure of the facts and figures? Here are our top ten WORLD HUNGER FACTS to get you thinking.
A Spurgeons classroom in Kenya

When A School Keeps A Child Alive

Ten year-old *Gerrard is HIV positive. His father died of AIDS when he was aged just two, and his mother, who is also HIV positive, was ostracised by the rest of the family, who blamed her for his father’s death.