A new welfare support worker for Sri Lanka

To Serve and Protect

A new welfare support worker joined the team at the Morning Star Care Centre, in Sri Lanka, in January, thanks to the efforts of our intrepid Dragon Boat Racers last summer.

World Leaders and World Problems

What a privilege, encouragement and a challenge to listen to Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, speak at the RISING Forum, a peace conference in Coventry’s beautiful Cathedral this morning.

Climate Crisis: Poorest Hit Hardest

There’s a measure of tragic irony in the fact that, for years, we’ve had to explain to people that even though we’re called Global Care we are about children, not the environment… and now we are learning that caring about children also, increasingly, means caring about the environment.

Studying Under The Stairs

*Micha’s father already had ten children by his first wife, when Micha and her brother were born to his second wife. Massive tension between the two women meant the family home in the slums of Kolkata, India, was a place of quarrels and strife.

A Hand Up Not A Hand Out

The odds were stacked against *Reina, who was born with sickle cell anaemia in a desperately poor family in northern Uganda, and then experienced the trauma of being displaced by rebel insurgents at the age of seven.

Finding A Way Into Their World

This summer I led a team of four UK teachers to Soroti, Uganda to undertake three days of intensive special educational needs (SEN) training for teachers and playworkers from SEN settings across central Uganda.