impoverished children sitting by littered roadside

World Hunger Facts

Would you like to do more to help fight world hunger but you’re not sure of the facts and figures? Here are our top ten WORLD HUNGER FACTS to...
A Spurgeons classroom in Kenya

When A School Keeps A Child Alive

Ten year-old *Gerrard is HIV positive. His father died of AIDS when he was aged just two, and his mother, who is also HIV positive, was ostracised by the...
School boys grinning at Spurgeon's Academy, Kenya

Focus on Spurgeons Academy, Kibera

Overcrowded classrooms. Limited sanitation. High teacher turnover. An expensive and confusing new curriculum. Political turmoil. Poor water supply. Hunger. Period poverty.
A new welfare support worker for Sri Lanka

To Serve and Protect

A new welfare support worker joined the team at the Morning Star Care Centre, in Sri Lanka, in January, thanks to the efforts of our intrepid Dragon Boat Racers last...
Julia Gillard at RISING peace conference, 2019

World Leaders and World Problems

What a privilege, encouragement and a challenge to listen to Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, speak at the RISING Forum, a peace conference in Coventry’s beautiful Cathedral...