burning candle held by a woman

A Sad Scrooge Celebrates

If you asked any of my family, they'd say I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas.  When my daughters were younger I loved it...
Leila with two of her children

Building Better Futures

Leila has eight children. Only four attend school. Her oldest son dropped out before he finished primary school because the family needed money. Leila doesn't mind, she never went...
Ethiopian children fetching water

Tackling Child Poverty In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is home to 41 million children. Even pre-Covid, a massive 36 million were estimated by the UN to be 'multidimensionally poor'. That's a staggering 88% of Ethiopian...
Marvin smiling in the classroom

Marvin’s Story

Eight year-old *Marvin is one of the children benefitting from our disability project in Rukungiri, Uganda. Marvin has cerebral palsy, and walking long distances is a challenge. His parents...
Fatima's children

Fatima’s Story

An economic crisis, a refugee crisis, a pandemic and a horrific explosion… the last few years have heaped suffering on the people of Lebanon.
Shrinay's family

Shrinay’s Story

*Shrinay’s mum arrived two hours early and waited in the rain to receive a special food parcel from our partners in Bangladesh. She was desperate to give something nutritious...
Vinod & Priya's family receiving their second food parcel

A Slum Supper Story

*Vinod and *Priya came to Patripul from their village in Bihar eight years ago, when *Parvati was a tiny baby, and their oldest, *Meera, was just two.