Vinod & Priya's family receiving their second food parcel

A Slum Supper Story

*Vinod and *Priya came to Patripul from their village in Bihar eight years ago, when *Parvati was a tiny baby, and their oldest, *Meera, was just two.
Bangladesh food deliveries

Trust Despite The Storms

Joshe Bose is director of Love Your Neighbour (LYN), Global Care's partner in Bangladesh. In the last three months, not only has LYN faced the coronavirus pandemic and a prolonged lockdown, but their area was also hit by a major cyclone. Joshe is trusting God for the future, and thankful for His provision so far.
Rob with a smiling child in Ethiopia

Telling Stories in Song

When someone commits to long-term support for Global Care, it really is music to our ears.  And this couldn’t be more true of singer-songwriter, Rob Halligan.
A Patripul family receiving a food parcel

Too Precious For Poison

Living in lockdown in Patripul, India, a family with seven children planned to poison themselves to prevent a slow death from starvation.